Vahen(The Flow)
Vahen was once a magazine in the time when Punjab had five rivers instead of the present two. A magazine of, and about my father's times. Things were really 'pleasingly different in those days. This part of the site is a tribute to the sagacity of a couple of  never-say-die writers, who despite of their humble means managed to hold the beacon light of PUNJABIAT .They have handed down this beacon light to us, now it's our duty to keep the Vahen(The Flow) going. But , meanwhile, here are some issues of the old edition which are sure to keep you engrossed.

This  is the issue of the month in which the greatest BIRHA poet of Punjabi literature ,Shiv Kumar Batalvi died :
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This is the issue of the month in which Punjab was in the the roes of

This is the issue of the time when the great Balraj Sahni died.

Do you want to be a part of the Vehan(The Flow) ?
The Vehan, which is the flow of fresh creative energy which contributes towards keeping the rich literary heritage of Punjab from the damnation of staleness. The Vehan will be continued in the form of an online e-mag having the outpourings of Punjabi's from all parts of the world. Anything that is creative will do. We do not believe in standardizing creativity. Anything that has creative merit will be sufficient. You can submit your creative work (any piece of writing, drawing, photograph, idea.... anything) via e-mail :Email Us