A picture of logo from the original Vehan which was a premier Punjabi magazine of the seventies and before.

The rivers of Punjab
Ravi, she flows on with beauty,
River Satluj, him, Love,
And Beas, she tugs at me.
Chanab, she calls to me,
Jhelum, he rises to caress me.
The primal sound of Attock's whirling waters
Strikes at my door step.
In my dreams
They drum and thunder,
The rivers of Punjab.
They are on fire with love.
Cool, consoling, loving,
They resound with the psalm of Jaap Sahib.
:Puran Singh

Come join the Vehan.The Flow.Be a part of the creative outpourings from Punjab:

I became a river,
A flooded openness.
Joy, the wave came from unknown country.
An ovewrwhelming surge passed me away.
Oye ! I flow oceanic,
Rise, swell,reach out.
I dip myself and others in my own colour.
I go, yes, I aspire, an ocean.