why is this website still under construction ?

for the last 2 years, this website has been under construction and will remain so for a long time to come. it will remain so until common people, the people who love Punjabiat begin contributing to this website. We have been continuously updating this site and adding content to this website. But tell me one thing >> Should the views of a couple of people  (the webmasters) make up Punjabiat ?? Is the cause of Punjabiat belong to  private domain ? No it is definitely not. Then why should the content on this website consist solely of ideas from a couple of people, namely the webmasters themselves ? We at Punjabiat.com invite contributions from you for Punjabiat.We carry articles written by common people to the common people. No preaching, no pedantry just pure, simple facts and issues to think over. We welcome contributions from common people, there is no condition whatsoever on the type of article, word limit, etc.   You can send your contributions by e-mail