These are some of our favorite links:   : A totally new and interesting site on Punjab and a particular section of Punjabi's. So stereotypically Jatt-ka that nobody should miss it. It's  only shortcoming is that it is not managed by people in Punjab.  :  If you are looking for Punjabi MP3 songs, then this is one site you must see. Click on the the links section, and you will find links to numerous sites with Punjabi MP3 songs available for download.   a site with really good(and heavy) graphics from a punjabi munda in tha' UK.This site is a veritable guide to the Bhangra guide in UK.
You'll need Active X installed in your browser to view this site properly. This is the guy who takes care of the Bhangra Webring. : good site about Indian Punjab but overdoes the whole thing by saying that it is also about the Punjab in Pakistan. There's no denying the fact that Pakistani Punjab was also a part of Punjab's history but this site has done nothing to cater to the Punjabi's in Pakistan after claiming so. Despite all that this site is worth a look. :The BEST sikh site.Every sikh ought to check it out. :This site is managed by the Patiala administration. Kind of official site, but surprisingly it is GOOD !! :Part of the network , this is the BEST sikh search engine. :The name says it all ! good site about the history of immigration of Punjabis to the Pacific Coast. Has some good articles and photos on Kamagata Maroo incident. : a site for the Bhangra music fan. But sadly, the songs are in real audio format. The Bhangra stuff !

Our collection of non-Punjabi links: The best thing to happen to web-authoring ! :A great site if you need any software,crack or serial number. :See for yourself ! :The best place to download shareware and to search for drivers. listing of sites