The fact that Punjabi's  were always    at the forefront in the independence
movement has never been in doubt .
But here are some figures which will
shock you with the sheer magnanimity
of proportion of the Punjabi's.We all
owe our freedom to these martyrs who
died so that we enjoy the fruits of  freedom.
The name of the Cellular jail at Port    Blair, in Andaman Nicobar Islands has  come to be despisably called 'Kale Pani' in India where martyrs were killed or incapacitated in inches.  Among the 626 imprisoned there 75 were Punjabis and among 44 killed by the Japanese 22 were Punjabis.
                We salute our martyrs.


Hanged            93            28      121
Life Imprisonment         2147          499     2646
Jallianwala bagh (Deaths)         1300          -    1300
Kamagata Maru (Deaths)           67         46     113
Kuka Movement (Deaths)           91                -       91
Akali Movement (Deaths)          500          -      500

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