Punjabi music is a rich amalgamation of our  truly agrarian culture with an equally robust dance form : the Bhangra .We have a rich tradition of  music which is inherently linked with the major occupation in Punjab: Agriculture.

Balliye kanak diye,
Tainu khaan ge naseeban wale

Kanakaan lambiyaan ni maye
Dhiyaaan  kyon jamiyan maaye


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Here are  pictures of some Punjabi Folk musical instruments(we'll be adding sounds later) :

Algoze : A wind instrument  which needs a lot of lung power.Not for the weaklings !!

Dhad :The Dhadd is a peculiar  percussion instrument noted for it's small size.

Daffli :Played with the hands, the daffli beats to the tune of the heartbeat.

Damru :The heavy threads on which knots are tied serve to percussion the goat-skinned membrane of the Damru.

Dhol :Does it really need any introduction???


Sarangi : The sarangi is one of the most difficult instruments to play ands is the the most important instrument for the dhadi jathas.

Ghalar :Bhangre ch aaja aapan dovein nacheye !!

Been Sapera : The snakes just enjoy this instrument !!

Toombi : No punjabi song is complete without this !


Supp(snake) : Used in bhangra



Do you know ??:

Punjab State which has earned a Name "FOOD BASKET OF THE COUNTRY"  & GRANARY OF INDIA" has been contributing  40-50 percent of Rice & 60-70 percent of Wheat to the central pool for the last two decades without a break !! Balle Balle !!